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Salesforce is endlessly customisable. If your Salesforce implementation is causing friction or you want to investigate new ways of making it work better for you, I could help.


There are hundreds of products that integrate in dozens of ways to Salesforce. If talk of ‘integration’, ‘API’, ‘Soap’ leaves you baffled, don’t worry. These technologies have been my day to day work for over a decade.


Sometime you need someone to manage the little things like adding users, setting permissions but you can’t justify a full-time member of staff. I can take on these tasks.


Salesforce is a great platform for building bespoke applications because there’s so much functionality already included. And, being a cloud-based platform, you don’t have the hassle of servers, installations, backups etc.


Data imports and/or migrations can be tricky. You want to be confident that your existing data maintains it’s integrity and that new data sets are imported and transformed properly. I have long experience of working with all types of data.


Salesforce can do a lot within it’s point and click interface. But sometimes there’s just no substitute for code. As a software developer for 20 years, I can write custom triggers and code to support your business needs.